The impact of sleep problems on your mental health

Virtual Event with Beatrix Schmidt and Paul Kelly

Friday, 22nd May 13.00 BST


About this Virtual Event

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is going to be especially important for us all this year, with the extra stress, fear and worry that has come with the current pandemic and even with us returning to a bit more normality after the lockdown.

The main theme this year is kindness and this is so closely linked to our sleep.

Being kind to ourselves, and in fact prioritising our sleep and wellbeing is crucial for our resilience. Proper rest and recovery is essential for good mental health, and really goes hand in hand with being kind to ourselves.

You are invited to join me and my guest for a 60 minute virtual event (including time for Q&A).

I am really looking forward to talking to my guest for this masterclass: Paul Kelly, Chief Operating Officer of Strictly Recruitment (

During this session, we will talk about the impact of sleep problems and insomnia on our mental health, the links between the your mental health and the quality of your sleep, and of course I will share with you some of the practical tools and techniques that can help you during not just these but other more stressful times. We will then have time for Q&A to help and support you with those burning questions.

Both Paul and I are looking forward to supporting you further.



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