The Sleep Show 2020

I'm delighted to share that I will be at The Sleep Show again this March 7th, just ahead of World Sleep Day.

With these two events so close together it gives me a wonderful opportunity to reach more people with my work, and share more awareness of the importance of sleep, not just for energy and productivity, but for living better.

The topic of my talk at The Sleep Show this year, is Overcoming Lifestyle Insomnia using The Sleep Deep Method®.

Even if you can't make it to my talk, I'd still really recommend coming to the show to learn more about sleep and mindful living.


It's great to experience all these different practices, and learn about integrating mindful living tools into your life.


What to expect at this year's Sleep Show

This is the fourth annual running of The Sleep Show as part of The Mindful Living Show, and it's really evolving into something wonderful.

In previous years the main focus was listening to talks. This year the Mindful Living Show is getting more experiential, so it’s more than talks and stalls.

The Friday night is a relaxation-themed evening of sound baths and other demonstrations to get immersed in, which I'm really looking forward too.

Saturday afternoon is when I'm giving my talk, and as always I would love to take your questions and meet as many of you as I can.


Dates, times and tickets

Running from 6th – 7th March, 2020, at the Business Design Centre in London, the tickets are really low priced for so much to see and do, starting from £12.50 + VAT.  As a speaker at the event, I also included a special 10% off discount code with you. If you come down then I hope to see you there. My talk will be at 2pm. I will be tackling the topic of lifestyle insomnia and how to overcome it.

Find tickets here. Make sure you enter this code: MLSS207 for your 10% discount.

If you can't make it this year but would still like my help, then check back here soon for the next 10 Day Sleep Challenge, where I will helping a small group of professional to identify their problem areas of sleep, and put practical tools in place that fit their needs.


Need help with your sleep?


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We know that overcoming insomnia or other sleep problem takes time and the first step is to figure out the real root of your sleep problems which is why we have put together a 10 Day Sleep Challenge.

This sleep challenge consists of easy to follow video lectures or modules with simple action steps to address the most common sleep related issues that Beatrix Schmidt, the creator of The Sleep Deep Method®, comes across when working with CEOs, Senior executives and Entrepreneurs.

Join us for the 10 Day Sleep Challenge to receive exclusive video content that will help you improve your sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.

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