The Sleep Deep Method® 10 Day Sleep Challenge

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Join us for this 10 Day Sleep Challenge to improve your skills of quieting your mind, sleeping peacefully and waking up both mentally and physically so you can be productive every single day.

Over this short video course Beatrix is going to bust a few myths about sleep, and give you the best and simplest tips she leant from years of working with private clients on their sleep problems.


Are you up for a challenge?

As a World Sleep Day Ambassador, sleep coach, speaker and the author of The Sleep Deep Method ®, I’m excited to take on an even bigger role in helping tired people to recharge this year.

When we sleep better, we live better, so getting quality sleep is about so much more that how your feel when you first open your eyes in the morning. Great sleep means better physical health, mental health, relationships, and increased productivity.

So let me tell you about what I will be teaching you in this year’s Sleep Challenge, and how it will improve your whole life, not just one aspect of it.



What is inside of this 10 Day Sleep Challenge?

This sleep challenge consists of easy to follow video lectures or modules with simple action steps to address the most common sleep related issues that I come across when working with CEOs, Senior executives and Entrepreneurs.


Day 1 - How To Keep A Sleep Diary


I will demonstrate how a sleep diary helps, when you keep one in the right way. You will learn how to keep one of your own and use the information you gather to aid your own individual sleep problems. You may be surprised what you uncover!


Day 2 - The 4 Pillars Of Great Sleep


There are 4 very clear pillars, or aspects, to great sleep. We all have 1 pillar that gives us the most trouble. So identifying and focussing on that gets you ahead on dealing with your sleep problems.


Day 3 - What ‘Good Sleep’ Means To You


We are each a little different. Without getting hung up on the number of hours a magazine article tells us we should get, we should instead listen to our body. Maybe sleeping through the night undisturbed is more important for you then an extra 30 minutes in bed.


Day 4 - The 7 Areas Of Life Affecting Your Sleep


There are 7 areas of life that affect our sleep, and that are in turn affected by our sleep, or lack of it. We will look at the areas that typically trigger sleep issues with some examples to give you guidance.


Day 5 - Bad Sleep vs. Sleep Disorders


There are many sleep disorders affecting people all over the world. But for most of us, our sleep is bad but not technically disordered. The key is to not self diagnose. We will talk more about what to be aware of.


Day 6 - Create A Suitable Sleep Environment


There are more distractions in your bedroom that you realise, and some things you may never even think of. From temperatures and textures to memory-evoking keepsakes, I will explain how to make your bedroom a safe sleep space.


Day 7 - Design A Great Bedtime Routine


Many people think they have a good bedtime routine, perhaps because they are following some general advice. If yours isn’t working well then your routine isn’t personalised to your needs and personality. I explain how to do this.


Day 8 - Maintain Your Daytime Energy


Lack of quality sleep and daytime tiredness is a vicious cycle. For example, when we are tired we make bad food choices, not getting the nutrition we need, and causing more tiredness in the long run. We will talk about breaking that cycle.


Day 9 - Daytime Stressors That Stop You Sleeping Well


There are physical, mental and emotional stressors that keep us awake at night. Sure, we can’t avoid bad feelings – this is not the goal. Instead, you need time to process stress before winding down to sleep at night.


Day 10 - How To Achieve Peak Performance


With great sleep comes great productivity. Sleeping well is something you can train yourself to do. I like my clients to think of sleep as a skill to be refined. Then once refined, productivity and mental clarity is better than ever.



I help people

Join us for this 10 Day Sleep Challenge to improve your skills of quieting your mind, sleeping peacefully and waking up both mentally and physically so you can be productive every single day.

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I help people