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Does this sound out of reach to you right now ?


After years of research on what makes people ‘tick’, I learned that in order for us to sleep well at night, we need to look much deeper than just how tired we are.

The ability to fall into a sound, restorative sleep has nothing to do with tiredness. In fact, you may even have experienced feeling ‘too tired’ to sleep, which is really just a surge of stress-related chemicals keeping your brain on high alert.

By offering you insight into how many areas of your life are affected by the way you sleep, I want to help you see that there are small steps you can take every day that will support you and enable you to be more awake than ever before!

You deserve to enjoy a great night’s sleep and wake up refreshed!


If any of these ring a bell, my Sleep Deep Method is for you.

  • I don’t know what is wrong with me
  • I just want to find something that actually works
  • I wish I could wake up energised
  • I am so tired of being tired, and not being able to anything about it
  • I just don’t know what else to do
  • I am lying in bed annoyed because I can’t sleep even though
  • I am really tired
  • I am so busy that I don’t have time to sleep
  • I could fall asleep walking and with my eyes open
  • I just don’t trust that I will be able to sleep
  • I can’t ‘turn my brain off’

Where do we start?


We start at the beginning! We won’t find your solution without first understanding your problem. So we start by getting to the root of your sleep issue. And this will be unique to you.

Over the course of the programme we will work on uncovering more about you, getting to know what you really need. Then with that understanding in place, we can design you both a mental and physical ‘sleep sanctuary’.

At the end of the program you will have your own Sleep Deep Plan for Life with all the tools and exercises that have worked for me personally and my previous clients, but tailored for you.

These are all tested and proven tools that have been developed to help you at times of your life when you need them the most. You don’t have to struggle any more.

After going through the modules, you will have uncovered your own personal blocks, triggers and needs.

You see, what keeps one person awake at night will not be the same for someone else. And what helps one person to sleep deeply will not work for everybody either.

"This is why those ‘sleep tricks’, secrets and old wives tales really don’t work.

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The Sleep Deep Method Structure


The Root of Your Sleep Problems

Poor sleep hugely influences every area of your life, from confidence to health. The first step is to identify the truth about why you struggle to sleep well at night.

– You will understand the REAL reason that you can’t sleep well and why it’s not entirely your lack of willpower or ‘fault’.

– Why it’s not actually about your sleep and it is never has been! This is about routines, habits and re-education of the body.

– You will learn practical ways for you to turn this around and choose differently, starting from where you are right now.


You and Your Priorities

We will look into how your work, social and personal commitments influence your sleep. We look closely at your diary for the week ahead, prioritizing and putting yourself and your sleep first.

– You will learn how to stop overcommitting and putting others first. Understanding why you do this, and finally starting to put your wellbeing first.

– We will work on choosing your commitments to give you a balance between what you have to do and what you love to do.

– We will work on re-organizing your diary for a healthy balance of ‘must-do’, ‘want to’, and time for yourself.


Exploring Your Physical Health

Now that you are clearer on the causes of your sleep problems, we are looking at how you look after your body: from exercise, eating habits and medication, to your caffeine, sugar and alcohol intake. These are just a few things that impact the quality of your sleep.

– You will learn the most important lesson about maintaining your energy levels during the day.

– We will cover how to pick and enjoy food that nourishes you and gives you more energy – we don’t ever call it a diet though! This is a lifestyle choice.

– I will share simple ways you can improve your physical health and take care of yourself every day.


Your Emotional Wellbeing

This is all about your emotional health and wellbeing: you are going to introduce a relaxing pre-sleep activity and a powerful breathing exercise to help you calm your body and mind.

– You will learn about the fundamental relationship between your emotions and your sleep.

– We will practice simple but powerful ways to clear your mind and calm your body before going to bed.

– I will share a powerful lesson on how to handle a bad day and still keep you sleeping well. This is perfect for those of you who can’t ‘turn of their brain’ at night!


Creating Your Ideal Bedtime Routine

Creating and valuing a personalised bedtime routine that works for you is the heart of this methodology. We start by looking at the time you have to be up in the mornings and redesigning a pre-sleep routine that works for you.

– You will find what works for you and gets you ready to sleep whenever you are.

– You will learn to love your bedtime routine because it makes you feel great, rested and recharged in the mornings.

– You can finally look forward to your sleep instead of dreading a turbulent night ahead!


Your Ultimate Sleep Environment

We will explore and design your ideal sleep environment. This part is the most fun! It is time to create a space where you can relax and switch off so that you can enjoy that refreshing, recharging and reenergising sleep you deserve to have.

– You will learn the connection between your body and the physical space of your bedroom – this part might surprise you!

– We will work with what you have to create a sleep sanctuary that transforms your bedroom and your sleep.

– You will learn how your outer space affects your inner calm. We will talk colour, texture and layout for calmness, peace and clarity.


Your Work-Sleep Balance

We look at what happens to you during the day and how all of that affects your sleep. We look at a 24-hour time period and a 7-day time period as well, balancing your working week and your weekends woo.

– You will learn why I talk about ‘work-sleep’ balance, not ‘work-life’ balance. In a nutshell, when your brain is awake, you are working to some degree. So the only truly restorative rest is a deep sleep. But we will go deeper on this topic!

– You will empower yourself with the right tools to keep improving your sleep and create a truly balanced, more enjoyable life.

– We will bring joy back to your weekends! Instead of having to focus on picking yourself up from the week that passed, or mentally preparing to battle with the week ahead, you will be in a more positive frame of mind.