Sleeping well is a skill that you can develop through simple tools and techniques


"Every day, so many people like you struggle with insomnia or just generally getting great quality sleep, yet providing you don't have a medical disorder or condition, it is perfectly possible for you to develop the skill of sleeping well at night."

Beatrix A Schmidt, Author of The Sleep Deep Method®


From insomnia to sleeping well


Hello! My name is Beatrix A Schmidt.  I am a sleep coach, speaker and author of The Sleep Deep Method®.

I spent the last 10 years studying and researching sleep, initially because I wanted help with overcoming my insomnia, then I found the topic really fascinating and wanted to find out how we can optimise our sleep.

My path today, working with people on their sleep and wellness, was inspired by my own struggles with having to fit it all into my 24 hours each day. I’m very familiar with the pressure that so many of us feel today.

That need to do, be and have it all – busyness and hard work have become badges of honor. All the while, not enough emphasis is placed on simply being happy, healthy and present in our life.

Having struggled with insomnia in my mid twenties, I know how it feels not to be able to get to sleep at night, wake up in the middle of the night (in my case because of nose bleeds and overthinking) and unable to get back to sleep and once you wake up in the morning feeling tired and then having to face a busy day.

Every day, so many people like you struggle with getting great quality sleep or even insomnia, yet providing you don't have a medical disorder or condition, it is perfectly possible for you to develop the skill of sleeping well at night.

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7 Areas of life affecting your sleep


How would your life change if you slept well every single night?

The Sleep Deep Method® is based on seven areas of our lives, as quality sleep is best achieved from a holistic, rounded perspective.

When we look at healthy sleep from a holistic, big picture perspective, we have to look at these seven areas of our life and how our 24 hours within each day caters for healthy sleep at night.

If you have ever tried a ‘secret’ of great sleep and found that it didn’t work for you, then you may already have the sense that there is more to sleeping than resting your head on a lavender scented pillow.

Finding the root of your insomnia or sleep problems will help you to find personalised, practical and effective tools and techniques in place to ensure great sleep every night.

The Sleep Deep Method® which I published back in 2014 is taken out of circulation. I'm working on a new and updated book to help and support you in improving your sleep.


Physical elements

Where better to begin than the vessel in which you spend 100% of your life. The physical aspect of the methodology is focused on your body. Other elements of your life will of course affect you physically too.

For example, if there are loud noises outside your house at night keeping you awake, this is an environmental issue (a different area of life), but it will affect your physiology by triggering your waking response.

A likely physical response is that your heart rate and blood pressure will rise as the noises annoy you, in turn waking up your body and making sleep even harder to achieve. This annoyance leads us nicely on to the next area.

Emotional elements

Our emotions play a huge role in insomnia and other sleep problems. In the busyness of our days, we often don’t make the time for processing difficult feelings, so they get pushed down, until they resurface later in the day as soon as there is space.

It is typically when we try to wind down and sleep, our finally being still and quiets allows those repressed emotions to reappear, sending us into a spin.

This is why it is important to create the space to deal with emotions during your day.

Social elements

Our social lives have changed a lot over the last decade with the Internet and social media decreasing the amount of time we spend sitting across the table from our friends and family, or just sitting with our own thoughts.

Many clients of The Sleep Deep Method® have come to us with a social media addiction, or a heavily over-committed social calendar.

Getting off autopilot and making better lifestyle choices is a big step for many clients. Building in some simple, routine downtime allows your brain to prepare for sleep in a natural way.

Spiritual elements

How peaceful you are internally, and how harmonious you are with the outside world will play a big role in your sleep. As busy people with work and other responsibilities, we can quickly begin to feel unfulfilled if we don’t have time for ourselves.

Those last hours of the day can become the only ‘me’ time we get, leading us to stay awake later just to squeeze more out of the day.

We are here to do more than work and sleep, so our clients use diary management not to just squeeze more work in to each day, but to ensure they have a great quality of life, enjoying hobbies and having fun too.

Intellectual elements

Lack of sleep negatively impacts your cognition. Without your full intellectual capacity, you are not able to achieve a lot of things that matter to you the most, which increases worry and lowers self-confidence.

This in turn impacts on your sleep, keeping you awake at night worrying about where you are going wrong. When you look at this with perspective, you can clearly see the vicious circle trapping you.

Focus on learning the skill of sleep, and feel the improvement in focus and achievement during the day. Many peak performers know this, and use their sleep to power their daytimes, being more effective and getting more out of life.

Environmental elements

When we talk about the sleep environment, we are considering three levels; your body (what you wear etc.), then your bed and bedroom, and finally your home and the outside environment.

We believe that your bedroom is for sleep and lovemaking/sex only. Work and other sources of distraction should be cleared out, and your bedroom should be a sleep sanctuary. Taking on this approach helps you to set your boundaries and get the space you need to rest well.

It is important to look at all aspects of your environment in detail, right down to your choice of pyjamas. Did you know that our skin responds to the materials we wear?

Occupational elements

This area of life covers everything that keeps you busy during the day; think of all the different hats that you wear, from your career to charity work, parenting, study, or retirement activities.

We know that sacrificing sleep for over-working is a false economy. Lack of sleep affects your occupational drive and sense of fulfillment in life. We encourage clients to use The Sleep Deep Method® Sleep Diary to work out how much sleep they truly get, and what factors are affecting them.

Sleeping well and living well is all about healthy balance, which is absolutely achievable in any career when you set your boundaries and stick to them.

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Beatrix A Schmidt, Author of The Sleep Deep Method®

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