What is The Sleep Deep Method® about?


The Sleep Deep Method® is based on seven areas of our lives, as quality sleep is best achieved from a holistic, rounded perspective.

If you have ever tried a ‘secret’ of great sleep and found that it didn’t work for you, then you may already have the sense that there is more to sleeping that resting your head on a lavender scented pillow.

The things that keep us awake at night include thoughts, worries, emotions, and elevated stress hormones – all coming from one of these 7 life areas.

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Where better to begin than the vessel in which you spend 100% of your life. The physical aspect of the methodology is focused on your body.  Other elements of your life will of course affect you physically.

For example, if there are loud noises outside your house at night keeping you awake, this is an environmental issue (a different area of life), but it will affect your physiology too.

A likely physical response is that your heart rate and blood pressure will rise as the noises annoy you, in turn waking up your body and making sleep even harder to achieve.


Our emotions play a huge role in insomnia and other sleep problems. In the busyness of our days, we often don’t make the time for processing difficult feelings, so they get pushed down until later in the day.

When we try to wind down and sleep, those repressed emotions can reappear, sending us into a spin. This is why it is important to create the space to deal with emotions during your day.


Our social lives have changed a lot over the last decade with the Internet and social media decreasing the amount of time we spend sitting across the table from our friends and family, or just sitting with our own thoughts.

Many clients of The Sleep Deep Method® have come to us with a social media addiction, or a heavily over-committed social calendar. Getting off autopilot and making better lifestyle choices is a big step for many clients.


How peaceful you are internally, and how harmonious you are with the outside world will play a big role in your sleep. As busy people with work and other responsibilities, we can quickly begin to feel unfulfilled if we don’t have time for ourselves.

Those last hours of the day can become the only ‘me’ time we get, leading us to stay awake later just to squeeze more out of the day. It is really key to make time for yourself during normal, waking hours to follow your passions and do those things that make you feel fulfilled.

Whether that’s getting some much needed alone time, or engaging in a hobby alone or with others.


Lack of sleep negatively impacts your cognition. Without your full intellectual capacity, you are not able to achieve a lot of things that matter to you the most, which increases worry and lowers self-confidence.

This in turn impacts on your sleep, keeping you awake at night worrying about where you are going wrong. When you look at this with perspective, you can clearly see the vicious circle trapping you.

Focus on learning the skill of sleep, and feel the improvement in focus and achievement during the day.


When we talk about the sleep environment, we are considering three levels; your body (what you wear etc.), then your bed and bedroom, and finally your home and the outside environment.

We believe that your bedroom is for sleep and lovemaking/sex only. Work and other sources of distraction should be cleared out, and your bedroom should be a sleep sanctuary. Taking on this approach helps you to set your boundaries and get the space you need to rest well.

It is important to look at all aspects of your environment in detail, right down to your choice of pyjamas. Did you know that our skin responds to the materials we wear?


This area of life covers everything that keeps you busy during the day; think of all the different hats that you wear, from your career to charity work, parenting, study, or retirement activities.

We know that sacrificing sleep for over-working is a false economy. Lack of sleep affects your occupational drive and sense of fulfillment in life. We encourage clients to use The Sleep Deep Method® Sleep Diary to work out how much sleep they truly get, and what factors are affecting them.


Our methodology covers these 7 areas, as we know that they all impact everybody to some degree. But of course, it is also essential to honour the fact that all humans are individual. No two cases of insomnia or sleep problems are caused by exactly the same combination of factors. This is why generalised tips alone don’t work.

We will work with you to identify the factors contributing to your struggles, and give you the steps to take to find your ideal balance. Sleeping well can absolutely be mastered, just like any other skill. Knowing that when you sleep well, you live well, is what motivates us in our work. If this motivates you too, then reach out and speak to us today.


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