The link between better sleep, emotion, and job satisfaction

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Do you get to the end of the day feeling tired, but struggling to switch off and get enough quality sleep?

Do you always run around chasing your tail, not able to manage your time efficiently, and ultimately not experiencing job satisfaction?

And do you sometimes feel sad, upset, anxious, lonely, deflated or angry before going to bed?

More and more research is being carried out looking into the link between insomnia, emotions and job satisfaction. It is not surprising that poor sleep quality or insomnia seems to correlate with more negative emotions, depression and anxiety. But as a society, had we quite drawn the line yet between insomnia and job satisfaction?

We spend a large portion of our waking lives at work, so what an important area to focus on in order to improve our overall happiness and wellbeing!

Over the last couple of years, I too realized that going to bed with a head full of negative emotions will keep any normal human being awake. This in turn affects your productivity and focus the next day. A ‘long day’ at work ensues leaving you feeling deflated and unsatisfied.

Of course this is no surprise!

So let me get the obvious statement out there – this is all about getting you some satisfaction!

Satisfactory sleep, job satisfaction, and like the filling in the middle of the sandwich, a healthier, more balanced emotional state too.

I want to tell you a little about the science and the research, and then give you some real, tangible steps you can take to get there.

Work Stress and Insomnia

We know that stress and the effect is has on our sleep is a vicious cycle. The more tired and desperate for sleep we become, the more our negative emotions boost the wrong chemicals in our body, actually keeping us wired and strung out.

You might have experienced this yourself?

Studies have shown (2) that sleep and emotion has a two-way relationship; meaning that one directly impacts the other, in either direction. So a good night’s sleep equals a better mood, and a better emotional state allows for a better night’s sleep. And the same is true for the negatives of this.

Although, some of the evidence (1) may suggest that the negative side of this has a stronger or more noteworthy effect on us. So when things start to go bad, we can end up feeling awful really quickly. One study even showed a correlation between insomnia and workplace hostility.

Where Job Satisfaction Comes In

The more positive emotions we experience and the more energy we have to do the things that REALLY matter to us during the day, the happier and more satisfied we feel about our life, our purpose, and the work we contribute.

Getting to this state is not about tricking ourselves into being happy by bombarding ourselves with positive quotes, wishful thinking and ignoring the reality of our current life completely. But this is about really creating and making time for things that matter to us. This includes resting enough to recharge emotionally, physically and mentally. Without this, everything seems to fall apart.

I talk to so many people who say they are just ‘okay’, ‘fine’, or ‘same old’. So I have to ask – at what point in our life is it okay to just be average and almost soulless, going around in a circle like a hamster, chasing our tail day in and day out? What kind of empty life that is?

Don’t get me wrong; there are days that don’t go the way I expected either. But it doesn’t take away the fact that I love my life. Because I am mostly happy, rested and well, I have the resilience to handle the odd bad day. In short, I am no longer in ‘hamster mode’. And this is exactly what makes the biggest difference in people’s lives.

So what can you do to break this vicious circle?

As I said, this is not about tricking yourself into feeling positive. You need to take some decisive steps.

  • Decide to change now. Not a week from now, not a month from now. There isn’t a ‘right time’ on the horizon. If you are tired now then you are in the vicious cycle already.Decide to step out of it.
  • Accept that this is change, and change is hard. But know that with the right tools it is very possible for you to improve your wellbeing.
  • And my favourite step – start being selfish! No, I really mean this. I know that many of us have been raised to put others first, but that honestly isn’t healthy. Once you have recharged yourself, you will then do a much better job of looking after others.

I don’t believe in changing absolutely everything in one day; that just causes chaos in your mind and your body. I know this from experience, and the research supports this too. One sustainable change at a time is the way forward for most people – although there are always a few exceptions to every rule.

So implement changes consistently and one day at a time. This creates solid foundations for the changes and the new lifestyle to stick to you like superglue. Get support and guidance, and try new things to figure out what works for you.

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