The clocks are going back – how will you make the most of it ?

It’s that time of the year when so many of us are looking forward to the extra hour we gain when the clock go back this weekend. Autumn in general is lovely. Crisp air, golden leaves, and just the right temperature to be under your big, fluffy duvet!

I have already had so many conversations about this with people this week. This sudden excitement about the ‘extra hour’ gained or the ‘sleeping in an hour longer’ this weekend, or perhaps the fact that it will be a little lighter in the mornings for a while…

What is it that you are looking forward to when the clocks go back ?

Are you going to give you permission to sleep in on Sunday morning, and rest a bit more? How about being able to stay awake for longer to watch a film, cuddled up on the sofa, knowing that you get a well-deserved sleep in on Sunday morning?

Or perhaps the other option of starting your day early, which will give you the opportunity to squeeze a bit more action into the day. Maybe the dog will get a longer walk, or your Sunday activities could go on for longer?

Yes, I am also excited about the end of October, but not for this particular reason exactly. The end of daylight savings allows me to retest the tools and techniques I learnt about my sleep again. You see, I still use these to help myself adjust to the clocks changing, jetlag, or a change in my routine if necessary.

This time it will be the change of the bedtime routine and adjusting my morning routine that will be tested out.

How do you prepare for changes like this ?

Yes, you can really prepare.

Life doesn’t just have to happen to you. And you don’t just have to react to things that happen…

Just like the changing of clocks this weekend.

You can prepare for these changes that life throws at us every day. Not just the clocks changing, but perhaps changes in your routine, like having to wake up earlier in the morning or having to go to bed later in the evening.

Habits and routines can be formed so that your mind and body can remember what needs to happen.

You know that nasty feeling of trying to go to sleep when your body isn’t ready? With the right tools, you can bypass that entirely.

These tools are powerful, because so many of the things that we do in our lives are governed by routines and habits, and even reactions that we don’t seem to be able to control. These rules and habits are unconscious – that’s why these things just happen. So if you develop rules and routines for your sleep, then natural sleep will begin to happen for you to.

Can I make a prediction ?

This week it will become suddenly obvious to you how sleep deprived you are, depending on how you react to the clocks changing. How you will feel on Sunday morning, but more importantly on Monday morning, will show you how well (or not) your body can respond and adapt.

Will you feel more energised in the morning? Or will you be even more tired when you wake up?

I would invite you to observe and see how you feel.

This is a great time of the year to stop, pause and rethink. Re-align your routines, realign your habits, and listen to what your body needs. Just like the weather changes and realigns to winter, your body will do the same whether or not you want it to.

Your body will most likely start to crave different foods now the nights are drawing in. You will desire more warmth and a different quality and quantity of sleep. With less daylight, the body adjusts without your control. It can affect your mood, your body weight, your focus, your skin, your brain power… So understand that your body is adjusting, and listen to what it is asking of you.

Have a wonderful weekend and please enjoy your extra hour!

Are you planning extra sleep, or extra fun ? Let me know in the comments.

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