This is why we do what we do: to help professionals overcome their sleep problems


How would your life change if you slept well every night?

Every client's story is different, just as every person's sleep is different. But we believe that unless you have a medical condition causing your sleep issues, sleeping well at night is a skill you can develop too!


Sleep Coaching


I initially went to Beatrix for insomnia, while I was hesitant not knowing if anything would work, by the second session I had gone from a few hours to get to sleep to about 15 minutes with some simple changes to my lifestyle.

Over the course we went though a set of exercises and assessments that helped me to understand myself and the things in my life that were causing me issues. with a good toolbox of things to do I am now much more proactive and use my time better.

My sleep has improved so much that I now get a good night's sleep every night and it is all thanks to the lessons Beatrix has taught me.

George - AEM Solutions Architect as seen on

I met Beatrix in 2018 and she improved my sleeping immediately with only minor and personal adjustments to my lifestyle.

I cannot thank her enough in that my whole life is now more balanced. Our sessions have moved onto positive outcomes generally AND my sleep is now nigh on perfect.

I was previously only sleeping a few hours. Thank you Beatrix

Bob - Philanthropist and Chairman as seen on

Working with Beatrix is much more than about sleep!

It’s more about what you do during your day and how you structure and manage your time. Not only did she teach me about the technical side of time management but she also taught me how colour and texture in my bedroom can impact my sleep.

Since implementing these new skills I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore before bed and I am finally getting a good nights sleep. With better sleep my life has changed in such a positive way from being more productive with my work to feeling more energised.

Beatrix taught me how much sleep impacts our mind, body and how we performance in our life. All the skills and tools that she teaches are real-world solutions to help you get the best sleep ever so that you are thriving in your life.


Working with Beatrix this year was timely especially as I had some big life changes and decisions to make.

I was operating on 5 hours sleep or less and not aware of the damage to my body and self image.

The coaching was really great and Beatrix genuinely held my hand throughout the process. Her coaching style was just right and post programme, I now feel in control of my life and getting quality sleep. Miraculously, getting 7 hours of sleep most nights. Thank you Beatrix


I had tried and tested everything when I came to Beatrix to help with my sleep.

I was very frustrated and completely worn out.

She immediately put me at ease and gave me lifelong skills to help with my sleep patterns and helped me to overcome my insomnia.


I have to admit I am really pleased and amazed at how quickly I managed to break the disruptive cycle, which had been a long-term habit.

I am now sleeping though until 5 most mornings and sometimes even later. The better sleep has made me feel so much better and my New Manager at work commented that he has noticed a real difference in me at work, less tired, less stressed and more focused.

Even with lots to remember and do, with Christmas approaching, I am sleeping better. Thank you for kick starting better habits!


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"This session alone always provides valuable learnings for you to implement and will give you clarity about what might be the real reasons why you are struggling to sleep well at night or developed a sleep issues."

Beatrix A Schmidt, Author of The Sleep Deep Method®

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During this session we will discuss what elements of your sleep you struggle with the most and how you can overcome your insomnia and sleep problems

I have had a wonderful conversation with Beatrix in which she gave me very simple and actionable steps to improve my sleep. The difference to me is so profound.

I have done what she suggested and the sleeping has improved at the rate of knots! If you are a person with sleep issues I highly recommend having a conversation with Beatrix. If I ever encounter issues in future I know whom to talk to.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Celeste – Business Owner as seen on

Beatrix’ Sleep Deep Method taught and showed me how poor and irregular sleep was effecting all areas of my life.

Working through the Program has transformed my health and well-being.

I love and value my sleep in a way I have never done before.

Thank you Beatrix x

Kate A - CEO

Corporate Work


Had a fantastic one to one with Sleep Expert Beatrix Schmidt in work as part of our ongoing WebHEALTH programme. I just want to say a huge thanks and I would recommend it to everyone.

It was very insightful and got lots of great advice. It's a journey to get good sleep back in my life and Beatrix has given me invaluable coaching and suggestions to help.

Thanks and I couldn't recommend it enough.

Gillian - Brand Engagement Manager as seen on

We recently had Beatrix Schmidt come in to do a sleep workshop with us to promote well being among our staff. The workshop was interactive and engaging and we all came out with practical changes we could make to improve our sleep.

We have already had feedback from several staff members that they went and put some things in practice straight away and have already noticed and improvement in the quality of their sleep!

I would highly recommend Beatrix Schmidt for an insightful and interactive sleep workshop! Thank you

Lucy Furnival-Doran – Senior Learning and Development Manager as seen on

Thanks for coming in to speak with our team! I have been hearing lots of employees quoting your advice on keeping the bedroom for sleeping (not reading, TV or phones) and saying how they've noticed a positive difference already!

Antonia Katsambis - HR Director as seen on

Attending Beatrix's seminar over lunch was a great investment of my time, as it was a great way in which to reacquaint myself with the approaches I need to take in order to enjoy healthy sleep. 

I enjoyed the honesty of Beatrix's testimony and it was great to hear from a practitioner who has struggled with the same kinds of issues associated with sleep, who showed real empathy to the kinds of issues people were experiencing. 

The seminar acted as a great 'reset' for me, and since then I have been enjoying real improvements in my sleep - mainly due to the reintroduction of a proper bedtime routine. 

Sufina A - Manager

Beatrix kindly ran some sleep workshops at an event that we co-run with The Priory recently about workplace wellbeing.

We wanted to give our HR Director attendees a taster of the workshops we offer as part of their wellbeing plan. We asked people to choose between a mindfulness taster or sleep taster and we had an equal split! The Sleep workshop was a great insight into what can be offered in workplaces as part of their programmes.

The participants had lots of questions that were dealt with very well by Beatrix who really is a sleep expert!

Debbie Kleiner-Gaines - Head of Workplace Happiness as seen on

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"According to RAND Europe's research and cross-country analysis in 2016, lack of sleep among UK workers is costing the economy around £40 billion and 200,000 working days lost each year."

Beatrix A Schmidt, Author of The Sleep Deep Method®

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Beatrix was one of our expert speakers with our Live Long Well Summit that we organized in October 2017.

From the first conversation, you could tell how knowledgable she is about sleep and her passion for helping others overcome sleep issues. It was easy to arrange and liaise with her which always helps when organising such complex events.

During the interview for the summit, she pointed out so many things that are often overlooked when it comes to improving sleep. We had over 2,000 people watch this interview and the feedback was 100% positive.

She is very easy to talk to and she presents her topic in a practical and simple way which helped the attendees to start improving their sleep right away. She has a warm and genuine style that comes from real life experience that we can relate to.

Julia Lundstrom – CEO as seen on

Beatrix took part in a health and wellbeing season organised for the team here at Guy's and St Thomas' Charity. We knew that sleep was something people were interested in and some were struggling with.

Her talk was interesting and focused on adjusting your routine to support better sleep. Beatrix has a lovely relaxed presenting style and is clearly passionate about her work.

The session covered a lot of ground and she also signposted to some further materials for people to refer to.

Catherine Cullen - Director of Communications as seen on

The Sleep Deep Method® eBook


I thoroughly enjoyed reading the chapters of The Sleep Deep Method. It is reassuring to read a lot of my concerns about the effects of sleep deprivation from someone who knows the subject well.

The eBook shares a great insight into the importance of quality sleep and the knock on effects sleep deprivation can have on your life, relationships and career.

Beatrix is clearly passionate about the subject, sharing her approach and dedicated to helping people create positive change in their lives through raising more awareness around the direct result sleep has on our health, wealth and happiness.

Toby F

What can I say? I loved it!

The Sleep Deep Method was easy to read and I learnt a lot. I had these ‘Aha’ moments whenever I read something that reminded me of when I had trouble sleeping.

Everything Beatrix writes is true. I never thought about these connections in such a simple, direct but still so powerful way. It is clear that she writes from experience: she has been there, she know what lack of sleep means.

Alessandra S

Wow this book is amazing!!! I don't normally write reviews but this book has given me some of the best sleep I've had in years!

I feel more healthier and alert than ever. If you want real and I mean real deep sleep follow the instructions in this book!


I thoroughly enjoyed this gem of a book on the importance of sleep and tips to improve our sleep.

I found the author’s concepts innovative and powerful, and she presents them in a conversational, reader-friendly manner, making them easy to follow and apply in my daily life.

My sleep has improved significantly since reading this enlightening, refreshing book; I now go to bed feeling calm, my mind cleared and prepared for sleep.

I believe this book will prove an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to improve their sleep and their lifestyle.

Debbie B