One to One Sleep Coaching to help you overcome insomnia and other sleep problems


"I work differently with each and every client because I completely believe that we are all unique and therefore need fully tailor made sleep coaching to work with who you are and the lifestyle you are currently living."

Beatrix A Schmidt, Author of The Sleep Deep Method®


How to get started


The first step is for you to arrange a  Complimentary Sleep Coaching Session. This is a relaxed, no-obligation session usually last about an hour but may take slightly longer depending on your current situation.

We will first discuss your current situation with sleep, the state of your insomnia or any sleep issues you have.

This session alone always provides valuable learnings for you to implement and will give you clarity about what might be the real reasons why you are struggling to sleep well at night or developed a sleep issues.

I do not include any 'hard sell' during the time we spend. I am here to help and support you and always looking forward to giving my full commitment and attention to really getting to the bottom of your sleep problems. This is what I stand for and believe in.

With your permission, I will share ways you can continue working with me if I feel that I am the best person to help you.

I am based in London, UK so these complimentary sessions can be arrange in person (meeting rooms booked at a cost) or for online sessions I use which is an online conference software.

I am looking forward to talking about your sleep.


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Sleep Coaching Programs


Following the complimentary sleep coaching session and providing we are the right fit to work together, we will discuss and finalise how the program will work and what you can expect from working with me.

My coaching programs are designed and fully tailored to help you overcome insomnia or other sleep issues. You can expect transformation, changes in areas of your life and of course improvement when it comes to your sleep at night and energy levels during the day.

Our work focuses on results and the way I help you achieve them is by being in your life with unlimited access to me. I work differently with each and every client because I completely believe that we are all unique and therefore need fully tailor made coaching to work with who you are and the lifestyle you are currently living.

My clients and I work together as a team therefore I will need you to be open to new ways, have your full commitment to improving your sleep and overcoming your sleep issues.

Our time is a totally open environment where you can be yourself and get support with what you are truly struggling with. I am here for you every step of the way to keep you moving forwards.

I put my full commitment into the programs I offer, all that I learnt for the last 10 years, practical tools, proven techniques, my full support to work on the results that we agree on.

From day one, we will build a solid plan to move you forward and assure that you achieve your results.

At the end of our work together, you will not only feel better but you will see your sleep change for the better which will in turn improve all areas of your life from relationships, daytime productivity, clarity of life goals, self-confidence at home and work just to name a few things.

Each personalised program lasts a minimum of 3 months and includes:

  • Up to 3 Coaching Sessions each month lasting up to 1,5 hours
  • Beatrix's support throughout the time you work together
  • Accountability to keep you on track with the agreed exercises
  • Additional resources personalised for you



I initially went to Beatrix for insomnia, while I was hesitant not knowing if anything would work, by the second session I had gone from a few hours to get to sleep to about 15 minutes with some simple changes to my lifestyle.

Over the course we went though a set of exercises and assessments that helped me to understand myself and the things in my life that were causing me issues. with a good toolbox of things to do I am now much more proactive and use my time better.

My sleep has improved so much that I now get a good night's sleep every night and it is all thanks to the lessons Beatrix has taught me.


I worked with Beatrix for several months and my sleep changed from just having one good day of sleep a week (probably from exhaustion) to being able to get good sleep most days of the week.

I am over the moon to have been able to get my sleep on track!

Equally important, Beatrix has helped me to develop tools to deal with my anxiety and I have gained great self-awareness which will help me with whatever challenges I face with my sleep (or life!) again.

Beatrix was very patient, encouraging and non judgmental. This made working with her very comfortable. I also felt that she really cared about me and she adapted her sessions according to my progress. Her service was very bespoke.

I fully recommend her services not just for the sleep but as an investment on your long-term general well-being.

Elena - Director of a fashion startup

I met Beatrix in 2018 and she improved my sleeping immediately with only minor and personal adjustments to my lifestyle.

I cannot thank her enough in that my whole life is now more balanced. Our sessions have moved onto positive outcomes generally AND my sleep is now nigh on perfect.

I was previously only sleeping a few hours. Thank you Beatrix

Bob - Philanthropist and Chairman as seen on

I had tried and tested everything when I came to Beatrix to help with my sleep.

I was very frustrated and completely worn out.

She immediately put me at ease and gave me lifelong skills to help with my sleep patterns and helped me to overcome my insomnia.


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Beatrix is a great coach. I started working with her because of my sleeping problems. I couldn't sleep well and having a small baby surely wasn't making things easier.

After just few months of working together my sleep quality has increased from what it felt like 0 to an honest 8. I wake up in the morning feeling energized and ready, while before I had to literally drag myself out of bed!

Moreover Beatrix not only has helped me, but helped me teaching my daughter how to sleep better. And in the process we followed, we worked on and improved so many areas of my life that did affect my sleep even though I never thought so.

Beatrix is professional, reliable, knowledgeable, and so kind. She was fully present and supported me every step of the way.

I absolutely suggest working with her!

Alessandra - UX Designer and IT Engineer as seen on

Working with Beatrix this year was timely especially as I had some big life changes and decisions to make.

I was operating on 5 hours sleep or less and not aware of the damage to my body and self image.

The coaching was really great and Beatrix genuinely held my hand throughout the process. Her coaching style was just right and post programme, I now feel in control of my life and getting quality sleep. Miraculously, getting 7 hours of sleep most nights. Thank you Beatrix


Working with Beatrix is much more than about sleep!

It’s more about what you do during your day and how you structure and manage your time. Not only did she teach me about the technical side of time management but she also taught me how colour and texture in my bedroom can impact my sleep.

Since implementing these new skills I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore before bed and I am finally getting a good nights sleep. With better sleep my life has changed in such a positive way from being more productive with my work to feeling more energised.

Beatrix taught me how much sleep impacts our mind, body and how we performance in our life. All the skills and tools that she teaches are real-world solutions to help you get the best sleep ever so that you are thriving in your life.


Not ready to book a session?


We know that overcoming insomnia or other sleep problem takes time and the first step is to figure out the real root of your sleep problems which is why we have put together a 10 Day Sleep Challenge.

This sleep challenge consists of easy to follow video lectures or modules with simple action steps to address the most common sleep related issues that Beatrix Schmidt, the creator of The Sleep Deep Method®, comes across when working with CEOs, Senior executives and Entrepreneurs.

Join us for the 10 Day Sleep Challenge to receive exclusive video content that will help you improve your sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What happens before the first session?

You will be pleased to hear: no paperwork to fill in advance. Once you get in touch to arrange the complimentary sleep coaching session and the appointment is agreed, I just need you to gather your thoughts about what you think is affecting your sleep, this will help us to make the most of our time together.

Q. What happens during a session?

The bespoke sleep coaching session is highly effective because every step is tailored to you and what you need the most.

The first session is about identifying the issues behind your sleep challenges and answering your most burning questions, so that we can develop and design a plan of action for you.

We will complete one of my Sleep Deep Method assessment forms. Your answers, along with all of our sessions, are 100% confidential. I will also give you honest (no BS) and realistic feedback on exactly what you need to do to change your current situation and achieve your desired result.

You see, sleeping well consistently isn’t a ‘maybe if I am lucky’ thing! Sleeping well is a skill that can be developed.

Please note, the only exception here is if you have a medical condition that permits you to sleep. But I can make suggestions of what to do next.

Q. What is expected of me (the client) during a session?

I need you to come to me with mind open to new ways of living, commitment to follow my advice and the willingness to change.

Q. What happens after booking?

After you make your booking, we will arrange a suitable time to meet on Zoom or in person.

During the session, please make sure that you are in a space where you can talk openly and honestly about where you are in when it comes to your sleep problems. The best place is somewhere without anyone distracting you.

We will then create your action plan so that you meet your desired goal. After our call, you will put these changes into place and start to feel the benefits quickly.

Q. What if the advice I’m given doesn’t work for me?

I believe in honesty and integrity, but also the commitment to change as the first step. My advice and suggestions will always be based on the information I receive from you, so be honest and give me as much information as you can prior to the call.

The tools and techniques I use with my clients are proven and tested. They will work, but only if you are 100% committed to change. I will be here to support you if you are ready to change. That is my commitment to you.

Please note, results of the sleep coaching programs may vary from person to person.