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Learn how to switch off, sleep well and wake up energised

Develop the skills of quieting your mind, sleeping peacefully and waking up both mentally and physically every day

Switch off easier and get to sleep faster

Sleep through the night without waking up

Wake up alert both mentally and physically

Be more productive and focused during the day


Which part of sleep is your biggest issue?

I am struggling to switch off in the evening and tossing and turning in bed...

I wish I could sleep through the night peacefully without waking up...

Waking up in the morning is a real issue and I am tired before the day even begins...

I remember those days too, I used to struggle with all of these elements of my sleep too. By the time I was in my mid twenties I burnt myself out and regularly woke up with bleeding nose at night.

Even though my General Practitioner at the time wasn't able to help, it still didn't stop me looking for solutions that could help me overcome my insomnia that was created by my lifestyle at the time.

I was really frustrated because nothing seemed to work for me.

Fast forward to today after 10 years of personal research and working with a number of clients in my one to one sleep coaching practice over the years, I found a combination techniques that work to overcome what I call lifestyle related insomnia.

No matter what your current relationship is with the three elements of your sleep, this course will help you to understand what stops you enjoying great quality sleep.

I can guarantee that you will learn valuable and actionable lessons.


I help people

What is inside of this sleep course?

This course consists of easy to follow video lectures or modules with simple action steps to address the most common sleep related issues that I come across when working with CEOs, Senior executives and Entrepreneurs.

Watch the preview videos below each section to get an even better idea



Section One

Introduction to The Sleep Deep Method and this sleep course

How to get the best out of this course

The 7 areas of your life affecting your sleep

Could you be insomniac without knowing it

Before you begin - You and Your Sleep

Section Two

How to keep an effective Sleep Diary

Introduction to The Sleep Deep Method Sleep Diary

Explanation of The Sleep Deep Method Sleep Diary and Sleep Journal

The Sleep Deep Method Sleep Diary and Journal PDF Document

Section Three

Key Principles of The Sleep Deep Method and this course

Principle One - Personalise rather than generalise

Principle Two - The choice is yours

Principle Three - Perception of your current reality

Principle Four - No regret or punishment

Principle Five - Slow down 'time' to accelerate when necessary

Principle Six - Your current priority list

Principle Seven - Let go and focus on progress

Section Four

Switching off effectively in the evening

Introduction to Switching off in the evening

Your plan to build the ideal bedtime routine

Physical element - being overtired or overexcited

Emotional element - Positive mindset versus negative mindset

Social element - Feeling supported as a human being

Spiritual element - Silence is good when the mind is peaceful

Intellectual element - Being fulfilled with your achievements during the day

Environmental element - The meaning of your bedroom

Occupational element - Introducing you to the Sleep-Work Balance

Section Five

Sleeping through the night peacefully

Introduction to Sleeping through the night peacefully

Your plan to stay asleep at night

Physical element - Body triggers that wake you up in the middle of the night

Emotional element - Dealing with surfacing emotions at night

Social element - Fear of missing out or being alone

Spiritual element - Your inability to be peaceful

Intellectual element - Confidence in yourself overnight

Environmental element - Changes overnight and enabling habits

Occupational element - Unsociable working hours and international travel

Section Six

Waking up energised both mentally and physically

Introduction to waking up energised both mentally and physically

Your plan to wake up with energy in the morning

Physical element - Quality hours of sleep and waking up naturally

Emotional element - Lack of motivation to get out of bed and procrastination

Spiritual element - Running late, restlessness and indecision

Intellectual element - Your morning routine to set you up for the day

Environmental element - Your bedroom keeping you asleep

Occupational element - Create your 'Me time' to get you ready for the day

I help people

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Develop the skills of quieting your mind, sleeping peacefully and waking up both mentally and physically every day

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Here's the proof that the program works

Hearing from students that seen an improvement or even a complete transformation with their sleep during the course is always really great.

Whether you want to learn strategies that actually work, want to understand what is causing your sleep issues or identify the bad habits that you have built around sleep, the course will guarantee to give you answers.

The outcome of this course for you will depend on how much effort and focus you put in. But here are some reviews from students.



This course has definitely helped improve my sleep by making me aware of WHY things were keeping me up at night and giving me strategies to use in the evenings so that noises and thoughts don't keep me up.

I thought my sleep was pretty good other than the fact that my neighbour had kept me up with his occasional snoring, but after completing some of the exercises here and gaining some insight, I feel SO refreshed when waking up in the morning even on the days that I get less hours than usual.

I really recommend Beatrix to anyone who wants to improve their sleep!

Adriana Pucciano



Fantastic content. Very professional, useful, and to the point.

Beatrix is a real expert on sleep. Got so much guidance and so many ideas on what to improve to have a better quality sleep. Five stars!

Tomas Svitorka



I absolutely loved this course, it exceeded my expectations. I have sleep issues occasionally, so I researched the subject thoroughly but never managed to fix them permanently.

Thanks to Beatrix course I was able to understand what I am already doing well, but also what is missing and could be improved. I'm working on them and can already see improvements.

Beatrix has an excellent understanding of all aspects that can disturb your sleep and offers great tips to change this.

I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who is genuinely looking to have longer and better nights. In the end there is no quick fix with sleep, but it’s important to know where to start and how to do it. That’s exactly what Beatrix teaches you.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Beatrix.

Severine Menem



I loved the bite-sized lessons each containing one or two different tools and tips making it easy to digest and implement. I love the pace with which it's delivered and how it looks at different aspects that affect our sleep.

Prior to doing this course, I had already done a fair bit of research on what affects our sleep and how to improve our sleep. There were still quite a few new aspects and tips that Beatrix covered that were new to me. I've found one of her tips for switching off and falling asleep very useful.

I highly recommend going through this course and implementing the tools Beatrix suggests.

Mira Rutter



This course will help you to identify all the bad habits, you have around sleep.

Working through this course is something I really needed to do, as sleep is so important and so glad I have now begun taking steps to improve my sleep.

This will have long-term benefits for both my personal and business life.




I help people

Get Started Now

Develop the skills of quieting your mind, sleeping peacefully and waking up both mentally and physically every day

One Payment of £ 194.99


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


I help people