Maximising your sleep and self care: for mothers

Motherhood is challenging at any time. But with the pressures of the working world giving us the sense that we need to do everything at once, juggling childcare and our workload – there is an added element of complexity.

When it comes to sleep and motherhood, I've noticed that most of the help and advice out there is centred on the child. The mother’s own sleep is a very neglected topic!

But there are real implications for both short and long term sleep deprivation. You might be struggling right now and wondering how long before you feel rested and focussed again.

I recently collaborated with Chartered Psychologist, Stacy Moore, to record a Masterclass (initially for the mothers in her group coaching program) where we covered the most essential tips and tools for maximising sleep quality and self-care for mothers.

But when we realised how much great content we covered, we decided that we would turn it into a Masterclass that can be accessible for everyone.

This Masterclass is split into several smaller sections, so you can watch on demand a little at a time, as your current schedule allows.

If you are a Professional working from home, currently on maternity leave, or an Entrepreneur building a business while raising a young family, the short lessons in this Masterclass are going to be particularly useful for you.

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During this Masterclass we will cover:

  • The short and long term implications of interrupted sleep patterns
  • How you can maximize the quality of your sleep, with whatever time you have
  • Making naps work for you: what’s the best approach when it comes to naps
  • Effectively sustaining daytime productivity, even when you may have your hands full and be sleep-deprived
  • Communication tips for getting the whole family on the same page and bringing routine and boundaries in while working from home
  • Practical tips and tools to prepare for your transition back to your professional role or business

The guilt and the sleep deprivation

When you are a sleep deprived parent, your daily tasks can take longer due to tiredness and lack of focus. Then there is the added pressure of your child (or children) wanting your attention. This leaves many mothers feeling guilty.

There is guilt around not spending enough time one-on-one with your child. There is guilt around how clean your house is. And of course, work or business guilt if you feel you have neglected any tasks there.

The result of this is often that guilt drives us to catch up on chores when our children are napping, or have just gone to bed. But that's not always the healthiest thing for the mothers.

When is your self-care getting a look in?

It is time to start looking after yourself so you can look after everyone else in your family.

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