Maximising your sleep and self care: for mothers

You are invited to join me and Stacy Moore ( for a 45 minute webinar (plus time for Q&A), where we will cover some essential tips and tools for maximising sleep and self care for mothers.

We are really looking forward to having you on this webinar.

During this online session, we will go through:
– the short and long term implications of interrupted sleep patterns
– how you can maximize the quality of your sleep
– let’s talk about naps: what’s the best approach when it comes to naps
– learn to effectively sustain your daytime productivity even when you may be sleep-deprived
– practical tips and tools ahead of you transition back to your professional role


If you are currently struggling with insomnia or other lifestyle-related sleep problems, feel free to get started by downloading the eBook called ’28 Ways To Overcome Insomnia Naturally’ below.

This eBook includes practical tools and exercises that you can implement straight away.