Discovering the Root of Your Sleep Problems

Including simple daily exercises

During this video series, I will personally guide you through the areas of your life that are affecting your sleep, productivity, health and overall life satisfaction.

These seven areas are the foundation of The Sleep Deep Method and cover your entire 24 hours. To truly understand what makes your sleep ‘tick’ and allows you to function at your best, we go through simple daily exercises that you can implement into your day. You will then be able to progress to keeping an in debt Sleep Diary and understand your daily needs better.

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Video One – Physical Appearance

When we think about this, what we mean is how our skin, hair, nails and even our eyes look and so on.

Sleep deprivation, tiredness and weight gain and serious health issues are closely linked.

This video will give you simple things that you can do every day to transform your energy levels and your sleep.

Video Two – Emotional Stability

Lack of quality sleep and tiredness make every human being (and even animals) moody.

Research also shown the link between hostility, anger, higher levels of depression and lack of quality sleep.

This video will help you to relax and switch off at night.

Video Three – Social Interactions

In todays’s world we experience so much peer pressure to do more with our 24 hours.

We are often even expected to skip hours of nourishing sleep just to cater to the demands of our lifestyle.

There s of course you can do something about it, watch this video to find out what.

Video Four – Spiritual Presence

Not enough hours of restful, recharging and nourishing sleep will create a disconnection between your body, mind and soul.

Without this connection, you are constantly in survival mode rather than in harmony.

This video will help you create that peace and harmony inside out.

Video Five – Intellectual Capacity

It has been scientifically proven that lack of quality sleep will make you less productive.

When you are tired time management becomes an impossible task, with every passing hour putting you under increasing pressure and stress.

This video will help you get more productive and focused during the day.

Video Six – Environmental Influence

A relaxing bedroom environment is such a big part of getting a great night’s sleep.

What you fill your bedroom with all affects us whether we are consciously noticing or not.

In this video, I help you to look for ways of creating a space which calms you down for a much better night’s sleep every night.

Video Seven – Occupational Drive

Living through a daily ‘ energy rollercoaster’ because you do not get enough rest at night will also contribute to your life satisfaction.

Your ability to focus and and truly succeed in your career is a very big part of this puzzle.

This video will help you take steps towards achieving the ‘Sleep – Work’ balance that I explain.

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