Is waking up tired your ‘normal morning’?


Last week we touched on the top 3 ways to tell if you are an insomniac. One of the key issues was waking up tired in the morning.

Since the clocks have changed (in the UK), the days are shorter, the mornings are darker, and our evenings are cut short, stopping us from enjoying a bit of natural light after work.

Waking up tired is no surprise when the winter months begin. That very precious ‘wake up’ hormone – cortisol – is supposed to be kicking in, allowing us to wake up naturally.


Waking up refreshed, recharged and full of energy is a fantastic way to kick start your day and go after all those precious goals and dreams that you hold in your heart.


If you are waking up tired in the morning, the chances are, this is far from a reality. You either switch off your alarm a few times before getting out of bed, or scare the daylight out of your body when the alarm goes off. Either way, you don’t give your body a very natural way of waking up.

The morning is a prime time for our mind, body and soul (yes – the very important soul). I know how hard it can be to change sleep habits, I have been there, but there are ways to make it easier. There are so many scary trials linking sleep deprivation to serious health issues, I would really encourage you not to ignore the issue but to start working on your sleep habits today.

Even though the morning might be the most difficult for you, you can start making small changes that will help.

Let me share with you what I do in the mornings to give you some inspiration.

Because waking up naturally is an amazing feeling. 

Step one – The morning stretch

Just a few minutes before my alarm lets me know that it is time, I sit up, gently get out of bed and stretch for a couple of minutes.

This really gets your body moving after you have been sleeping for hours overnight. It is a very effective way to make sure that your body is warmed up.

If you don’t manage to get up before your alarm, of course you can just do this after you woke up but before you get going.

Step two – Glass of water

A glass of water and bathroom activities follows next. Yes, I know…but it is an important part of this routine.

I hear it all the time, ‘I’ll just wait a bit longer before I pop to the bathroom,’ or, ‘I must answer another e-mail, send another text message.’ Not visiting the toilet when you need to, is not a good way of looking after your body.

Not drinking enough water is also not a good way of looking after your body. I can go on, but for now I leave you with these two.

Step three – Reading and breakfast

My mornings now allow me to have a great morning routine but if I think back a few years to the time when I was an insomniac, I know very well that you probably don’t have 30 minutes to an hour to get your day going.

However, you can spare 15 minutes to make yourself breakfast and read a few pages of an uplifting book or article. This is part of building that ‘me time’ that I mention so often when I speak or hold a workshop.

These are the few minutes that are truly for you, to pause, to reconnect before you get going again with full steam. The morning time is probably the most important because it truly sets you up for the day.


So what will you change from tomorrow morning?

What will you do differently so that you can get your day going really well and set yourself up properly for your no doubt super busy and demanding day?

If you already have a morning routine that works for you, let me know by commenting below. 

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