For the days when your head is spinning…

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You know the days when your head is spinning and you almost cannot remember how you got through the day?

But somehow you did… and now tiredness kicks in, the feeling when your arms and legs are heavy, your mind is racing but in an almost numb kind of way.

Your senses slow down and you can’t decide if you are hungry at all, so instead you reach for a glass of wine. This used to be the case for me, regularly.

Even though you know the wine is not a solution to your problem… Right now, that is the simplest solution you know of to get you to switch off and rest your mind… numbing it even further.

I am so familiar with this feeling at the end of the day.

I spent so much time struggling to get my racing mind to calm down and stop my perfectionist tendencies to be in charge all the time.

So is it really possible to go from perfectionist insomniac, thinking something is wrong with me, to sleeping soundly, being calm and peaceful yet still in charge?

Of course it is possible!

The question is – do you really want to live life in a better way?

I speak to so many people who wish to have ‘more time’ in their day.

What they really mean, of course, is more time where they feel relaxed and can decompress from their working day.

I used to be in that boat too, but then I decided that I no longer wanted to chase my tail every day. It had to stop.

So the decision was made; but change wasn’t easy!

Change is always challenging, especially when that change is about putting yourself first. That’s something we are all programmed not to do.

But by putting yourself first, and I mean truly putting yourself first – prioritising your 24 hours better is really possible.

I say prioritising because “managing” time is not really possible in the literal sense. Time passes all the same, whether we are ready or not. But prioritising what you do with your time is actually very possible.

And this is where the wine comes in again… This is about choosing between having that glass of wine to numb your mind, OR actually finding ways of switching off in a healthy way.

My suggestion for today is:

Explore healthier options, and find some better, more enjoyable ways of dealing with whatever is going on.

For me, music is one of these options. It’s a powerful tool that helps me to change the way I feel.

So how about you?

What kind of music lifts your mood or calms you down?

Or is there something else that helps you to transition from a racing mind to a calmer state?

Leave me a comment below.

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