Fixing your sleep problems overnight ?

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Can you really ‘fix’ your sleep problems overnight?

I wish there was a magic pill, a quick fix, a super-fast solution to turning your sleep issues around literally overnight… but the reality is that in today’s fast paced, instant fix culture, we need to do more than just expect someone to come along and fix our problems.

The most successful client of mine came to me because she thought something was wrong with her and desperately wanted to find a solution to her problem. She was exhausted, not able to focus during the day, and worried about her health and her future. So much so that it kept her awake at night and half asleep during the day. I am sure this will sound at least a little familiar to you as well – am I right?

So how do you really and truly overcome your sleep problems ?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Your sleep problem took time to develop. How long will depend on all 7 areas of your life that I talk about when it comes to The Sleep Deep Method. Everything that happens to us during the day affects our sleep, and vice versa. It often takes years for our sleep to gradually get worse, before we reach a point that it feels ‘bad enough’ to do something about it.

How long has it been since you have slept well consistently?

Has it been a month, a year, or perhaps a decade?

Really, honestly look at your life and take note. Your answer might be that you have never been a good sleeper, or that it’s been bad since you took on a new job role, or had a family concern…

I am not sure what your answer is – but let’s start there. Very often, we remember sleeping well on holiday or after a relaxing day with friends, or at times in our lives when we were truly happy.

So what does that tell you about our stress levels ?

Whether or not you remember the last time you slept well, the fact is that you can absolutely sleep 100% well consistently again.

You can achieve the type of consistent sleep that is refreshing, recharging, and allows you to wake up in the morning ready to go and conquer the world.

Sleeping well is a skill, like a muscle that you can develop with training.

No matter what happens during your day, you can create that sense of peace and let go of all that happened in order to sleep well at night. You just need to develop that skill.

My suggestions for you today:

Stop focusing on the negative circumstances that are stressing you and keeping you up. Focus instead on learning the skill of letting go in the evening so that you can sleep and come back stronger the next day…

If I can go from being an insomniac with a bleeding nose at night, then you can transform your sleep and therefore your life too.

Often with changes like this we lack the support, the guidance and the cheerleading along the way. That is why I love working with my clients, because I become the support, the guide and the cheerleader so they can accelerate the learning curve and get their vitality back faster.

I don’t promise you overnight success, but I do promise you success and a consistently great night sleep.

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