Do you want to improve your emotional intelligence?


Being sleepy every so often is one thing but experiencing tiredness daily, is a different matter. This is where today’s article comes into the picture.   

The more you struggle to rest at night, the less you feel alert during the day and the more your emotional intelligence suffers.   

Remember the last time you woke up exhausted?  

How well did you make decisions that day?  

Were you on time for all your commitments?  

How about your mood?  

Tiredness affects your body and your mind. My clients often talk about brain fog when we start working together. Your mind and reactions are slow. You lack energy and struggle to make decisions.   

This is a common sign of lack of quality sleep or sleep deprivation.


With tiredness comes added pressure. This affects your emotional wellbeing and your ability to cope with the day ahead.


When it comes to being tired every day, it is also essential to address any medical issues that underlie this. These may not be obvious to you at the time. Don’t just go out and get some iron tablets – they will not fix everything.

Here are my top three suggestions to improve your emotional intelligence:

1. Learn to sleep well at night

Obviously, this is my first tip to improve your emotional intelligence! I meet so many people who struggle to sleep well at night. You are not alone in this struggle.  

Daily life can be challenging. You need to be able to think on your feet. If you want to handle your emotions better, your body and mind must be rested and recharged. 

Sleeping well improves your endurance, patience, and ability to solve problems. You will have more energy in the morning. Your brain will be more alert. 


2. Cut out distractions

When you wake up tired in the morning, the worst thing you can do is waste time on distractions. This includes your phone.

Today, distractions are multiple and rapid. It is too easy to use up your brain power attending to them. Distractions are unlikely to be important or urgent. They will take your already tired mind away from what really matters and must be completed during the day.

When you focus your mind, you will make better decisions faster and deal with your emotions better.

3. Decrease your caffeine and sugar intake

Please note, I said caffeine NOT coffee. You mustn’t forget that energy drinks, diet coke and so on fall into this category too. Too often I hear people reject coffee then pick up a can.

Think again and think differently. Caffeine and sugar give you a physical boost, there’s no doubt about that, but they are quick fixes. They don’t provide the long-lasting energy that you need to get you through the day.

Your body becomes so used to this kickstart, you become addicted to it. You have to drink it to feel alert, awake and focused. In today’s, ‘let’s meet for a coffee’ culture, it is all too easy to develop habits like this. 

When you are free of these addictions, your mood and energy levels will be more stable throughout the day.


Did you identify with any of the points above?

What steps will you take to improve your emotional intelligence?

If you have experienced ‘brain fog’, let me know how it affected your day by commenting below.

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