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Last week I shared a story about distractions in the bedroom.

Today I wanted to talk to you about your bedroom environment and creating that sleep sanctuary to help you wake up truly refreshed, switched on and full of energy.

Sleeping peacefully at night comes down to more than just one factor. In my experience it comes down to all 7 areas of our life (which you can read about in my e-book).

One very direct area of effect is your environment. And oh boy, does it make a difference when you get it right!

Think about your bedroom right now, the sounds, brightness, temperature, colours, textures, tidiness and so on. It all affects us whether we are consciously noticing or not.

When I was little, my parents got me used to a really great routine in the evening. First a bath, then dinner, a story and then lights out and sleep. Or at least, being in bed resting until I fell asleep. The only exception was if I was really unwell.

The thing I remember the most clearly is how safe and peaceful I felt in my bed.

My environment was ideal for sleep. The warm colours to help me calm down, the softness of the linen to make me feel almost cuddled, the type of mattress that was just right for me, the duvet to cover me from the top of my head all the way to my toes and beyond.

I always liked my long duvet to cover my entire body, so I could hide under it if the light came in to brightly. But my dark curtains usually kept the sun out, ad the temperate was just right too.

The reason I am telling you this is because we all have our way of ‘working’, feeling safe, feeling peaceful and cosy. These are usually buried deep inside of us and more often than not, we don’t give ourselves permission to truly bring these to the surface.

We are so used to ‘making do’ that we just don’t stop to think, ‘how could I make this better’?

When I work on this with my clients, we dig deeper into what makes them tick, creating an environment that works for them as an individual. It is truly transformational, not just for sleep quality, but for general relaxation too.

How can you design your own personal sleep sanctuary yourself?

  • Stand at the door of your bedroom looking in with a piece of paper and a pen.
  • Note down what you really like about your bedroom.
  • Then make a list of things that you don’t really like about your bedroom.

Think about the following: colours, textures, bed size, brightness, smells, pictures, how cluttered it is, and how it makes you feel.

Then choose 3 things to either change, put away or replace.

And this doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We can always manage to make smaller, simpler tweaks to create a real sleep sanctuary – and it is possible for you too!

A word of warning: sometimes a de-cluttering exercise is in desperate need before you are truly able to discover the potential of your bedroom. So get rid of the things that you don’t need, put away the piles of books, clothes or other items that you have on the floor.

Always be mindful of what you fill your space with, because it can really keep your mind occupied.

Have you tried improving your sleep space?

I’d love to know what changes worked best for you.


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      Hi Kathleen

      Thank you very much.
      Lovely to meet your virtually.

      I have spent years learning about sleep and not just from a very academic view. We all live in a world where there every topic has so much more to it than just the scientific view.

      Have a great day

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