Claiming back your days

Okay, so in general, your life is under control.


  • You are struggling to get to sleep
  • You are sleep deprived and stressed out
  • You wake up tired and wish for more free time

Isn’t it time to claim back your days ?

Life can feel like an impossible balancing act between all you need and want to achieve, and having the time to live in the moment and enjoy things too.

We all go through struggles that keep us having to constantly refocus our attention. When this happens to me, I take a step back and look at my circumstances. Then I ask myself this question:

Am I truly doing things the best way ?

And this question is not just about work, it is not just about your career. You will have times in your life when your health, self-care and quality of sleep all take a back seat.

If you are stressed, you are probably going through one of those times right now. During the autumn in the UK this is quite obvious; everyone picks up a cold or cough, and so we struggle through the day on medication because quite frankly, we cannot afford to take time out. This just makes things worse, stretching the cold out for days and often weeks with an annoying cough that just won’t let us go!

Eventually, you get back to normal.

But that ‘normal’ is not really your best, is it ?

Claiming back your days is so empowering.

I am not talking about a fake sense of unimaginable perfection. I am talking about this true sense of being in charge, rather than grappling for control. You see being in control is so rigid, often meaning that everything has to be ‘perfect’, but there is no such thing as perfection really.

Our life has both good and bad, things that go well and things that don’t go quite as planned. Therefore, being in charge means that you are always able to handle the situations that life throws at you, getting out on top rather than being buried under an avalanche.

Claiming back your days means success.

I’m taking about the type of success that brings you joy and appreciation for all that you have achieved. The type of success that is authentic to you; not those goals based on what someone else wants you to be doing. 

Success in whatever shape or form you imagine it, can be yours through looking with perspective at your life through the entire 24 hours that you experience every day.

Claiming back your days through sleep.

Once you really figure out how you can consistently sleep well at night and wake up refreshed, life flows better. You get through challenges easier, every moment of joy is bigger and more vibrant, every success is more real because you have the energy to truly celebrate it.

Claiming back your days through sleep gives you the ability to accelerate when necessary because you are not exhausting yourself by pushing through your boundaries all the time.

My tip for today…

Take a moment and ask yourself this question:

Am I truly doing the best that I can in all areas of my life?

Be gentle with yourself here.  This exercise is not about self-punishment, and it’s not about ignoring some parts of your life (like leisure time in favour of work) – this exercise is about truly embracing a mindset of high achievement.

Remember, life is not a test run or a dress rehearsal.  This is the life you’ve got.  So please, enjoy it and make the most of it.

Once you have asked yourself this question and looked at all areas of your life, do the same for your sleep. Are you truly giving it all you have, or just settling for something ‘okay’?

Without great sleep at night, you are not able to truly claim back your days.  So make sleep a priority for yourself. 

You deserve to rest, and you deserve to live your best life.

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