The link between better sleep, emotion, and job satisfaction

More and more research is being carried out looking into the link between insomnia, emotions and job satisfaction. It is not surprising that poor sleep quality or insomnia seems to correlate with more negative emotions, depression and anxiety. But as a society, had we quite drawn the line yet between insomnia and job satisfaction?

How does your 24 hours influence your life

This was a question I asked myself in the middle of the night just a few years ago. I remember the whole 24-hour period clearly. It went like this…

I woke up in the morning after my 3rd alarm went off, got dressed and rushed out of the house because I had to be somewhere. But my first destination was always …

Wellness: is it an art, a science, a habit, or just a dream?

So before we get right into it, let me put your mind at rest. I’m not going to tell you that wellness is little more than a far-away dream. If I believed that then I wouldn’t be in the wellness business!

But for many people it feels like a dream, or an unobtainable desire. And I get that. So let me tell you where the question in my title came from.

The Chicken or the Egg ? …

Do your daytime problems disturb your sleep at night?

Does your lack of sleep cause your daytime problems?

This is the chicken and egg kind of question that I often discuss with my clients.

Sleep can’t be your only rest !

This is one for the tired souls; the over-workers and the multi-tasking parents especially. I’m going to tell you why you need to take a break, just for you, and why it’s honestly not selfish!

Early Birds vs Night Owls

I find this really interesting and I think you will too. A few years ago, I claimed that I was 100% sure that I was a night owl. I believed it with every cell of my body and so labelled myself as such.

5 plants for your bedroom

Having plants in your bedroom will be up to you of course, but I wanted to share this wonderful video of what benefits plants might bring to your bedroom and your sleep.

What keeps you awake at night?

Sleep better at night – Wake up rested and recharged… Does this sound out of reach to you right now ?

After years of research on what makes people ‘tick’, I learned that in order for us to sleep well at night, we need to look much deeper than just how tired we are.