Do extroverts sleep better than introverts ?

Share this Post Did you know that our personality type has a lot of influence on the kind of sleep we experience at night? The reality is that often we are a mix of both introvert and extrovert in different measures throughout our lives, and this can change depending on what we are exposed to as human beings. You could …

Create your own sleep sanctuary

Today I wanted to talk to you about your bedroom environment and creating that sleep sanctuary to help you wake up truly refreshed, switched on and full of energy.

Sleeping peacefully at night comes down to more than just one factor.

Sleep your way to success – Video

Sleep Your Way to Success means something different for each and every one of us. In this video, I share what it means to me and a few ways that you can be strive to success in all areas of your life.

Sleep like a cat – not like a cat-owner

Where do you stand on having pets in the bedroom? And of you let them in; does your sleep suffer as a result?

Recently I was looking after 3 lovely cats for a friend of mine. Her cat sitter had to cancel because of family issues and she was going away to have a lovely holiday with her boyfriend. She has been working hard so she reached out and I offered my help. 

Interview with Severine Menem

My interview with Severine Menem, Nutritionist who is based in London, UK.

We discussed how sleep and eating links together can cause so many issues from food cravings to some of the health issues that I experienced back in the days when I struggled as well.

Tiredness, loneliness and sleep

This state of over-tiredness affects the way you communicate with your partner, your friends and your family. Often when we are tired, we are not able to express ourselves the best way possible. Partly because we are rushing around making sure that we don’t mess things up or finish everything before the day ends, partly because we don’t have the patience towards others.

For the days when your head is spinning…

You know the days when your head is spinning and you almost cannot remember how you got through the day?

But somehow you did… and now tiredness kicks in, the feeling when your arms and legs are heavy, your mind is racing but in an almost numb kind of way. Y

Morning routines matter – here’s how to improve yours

Monday morning arrives. You groan and roll over to snooze your alarm.

You snooze once, twice, maybe even three times. And still you find it hard to get out of bed. Your mind is still swimming in the remnants of last night’s dreams, and your body feels heavy. The coffee pot is calling.

The nightmare of navigating the relationship maze

How many times do you go to bed and think over a conversation you’ve had that day with a friend? And does that thinking over then trigger so many emotions that you are unable to rest well?

This can stop you from relaxing enough to go to sleep, or cause you to wake up with a nightmare.