Are you ready for the clocks to change on October 27th?

At this time of year, what most people tend to do is take that extra hour just to stay in bed on the Sunday. But what that doesn’t do is allow your body to adjust for the new routine it has to get into almost straight away on Monday morning.

So today I want to share with you a few tips to get ready for the clock change – as with any change it’s best to consciously prepare for it.


If you are familiar with my work then you will know that much of it is around preparation.


Start the change early

As the clocks are going back, I suggest starting to shift your sleep pattern a few days earlier, starting on Thursday. Starting to adjust ahead of time means you wont get hit with the tiredness on Monday morning.

This is especially important if you want to perform at your peak on that Monday.


Review your nutrition and hydration

Our energy levels really are linked to what we eat and drink.

Something I quite commonly see is this habit of people having a big, heavy meal in the evening, which does affect them going to sleep. But also, not eating very well during the day, denying their body the nutrition to maintain a good level of energy.

So ahead of this weekend’s clock change, why don’t you take a moment to think about how well you really nourish your body.

Think about how your fuel the start of your day with breakfast, and consider adding a healthy mid afternoon snack to see you through that energy slump that is so familiar to many of us.


Fine tune your evening routine

If you are familiar with my work, then you will know how important I believe the evening to be to how you sleep. And if you don’t have any routine or boundaries around your evening, then perhaps you are often pulled into wrapping up your day or replying to emails just before you get into bed.

When this is happening, there is no clear preparation for sleep, and this is something that I see quite often.

Getting into the habit of winding down and preparing for sleep will help you sleep better and prevent tiredness – you just have to start doing it!


Be realistic with your mornings

Many peak performers I come across have this tendency to cram too much into their mornings. Of course the intention is to be as productive as possible – but often this leaves them already a little tired even before their working day is over.

When we go through a clock change, that little bit of extra tiredness can really add up.

So take an honest look at your mornings and make sure they are balanced, with opportunity for breakfast too, not just work.

Ultimately, it’s important to not put too much pressure on yourself.

Even after the clocks have changed, you may still feel the effects for a few days, so remember to allow yourself that adjustment period.

There will be one tip above that speaks the loudest to you, so I would love for you to focus on that one area, and why not join my e-mail community and let me know how you are going to commit to taking care of your energy through the clock change.

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