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In the United Kingdom alone approximately 20 million people struggle with insomnia and other sleep problems, not even mentioning worldwide figures!

Yet solving most non-medical sleep related problems can be so simple...


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How to fall asleep easily in the evening without medication, alcohol or expensive gadgets?

Not being able to fall asleep, and tossing and turning in bed is probably one of the most frustrating things that so many professionals struggle with.

We all know that getting enough quantity and quality sleep is essential to be able to get through the day and function at our optimum.

But do you really know how you can fall asleep easily in the evening without medication, alcohol, useless hacks or expensive gadgets that don't work every night?

Tuesday, 23rd February 2021 at 7 pm GMT

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The Methodology

The Sleep Deep Method® is based on seven areas of our lives, as quality sleep is best achieved from a holistic, rounded perspective.

If you have ever tried a ‘secret’ of great sleep and found that it didn’t work for you, then you may already have the sense that there is more to sleeping than resting your head on a lavender scented pillow.

Finding the root of your insomnia or sleep problems will help you to find personalised, practical and effective tools and techniques to ensure great sleep every night.

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We know that overcoming insomnia or other sleep problem takes time and the first step is to figure out the real root of your sleep problems which is why we have put together a 10 Day Sleep Challenge.

This sleep challenge consists of easy to follow video lectures or modules with simple action steps to address the most common sleep related issues that Beatrix Schmidt, the creator of The Sleep Deep Method®, comes across when working with CEOs, Senior executives and Entrepreneurs.

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"This session alone always provides valuable learnings for you to implement and will give you clarity about what might be the real reasons why you are struggling to sleep well at night or developed a sleep issues."

Beatrix A Schmidt, Author of The Sleep Deep Method®

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