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What is The Sleep Deep Method about?


The Sleep Deep Method is about SO MUCH more than sleep.

You see, sleep is a critical part of the puzzle. But when we put all the puzzle pieces together, the big picture is of your whole life:

  • Your energy and vitality
  • Your health, immunity and happiness
  • Your career, productivity and passion for what you do
  • Your relationships with others
  • Your environment, comfort and sense of stability
  • And your chances of obtaining those big goals you have (I know you have some!)

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How can I help you with your sleep?


After years of research on what makes people ‘tick’, I learned that in order for us to sleep well at night, we need to look much deeper than just how tired we are.

You see, what keeps one person awake at night will not be the same for someone else.

And what helps one person to sleep deeply will not work for everybody either.

This is why those ‘sleep tricks’, secrets and old wives tales really don’t work.

I absolutely love working with individuals like you one to one.

This is the best way for me to get to know you and give you personalised tools and techniques that will transform not just your sleep, but all other areas of your life.

My approach is a unique combination of many different principles that I’ve worked with in my past; from alternative approaches, coaching, mentoring to more spiritual work as well.

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" When you sleep well, you live well "


My name is Beatrix.

I am a sleep coach, speaker and the author of The Sleep Deep Method. 

I’m here to help you to not only sleep well – although that’s a big part of my work – but to LIVE WELL.

We all live with a conundrum every day of our lives.

And here it is… We all have a finite time on earth, and we all feel that pressure to do, be and have more.

As a result of that, were do we make cuts?

Sleep, rest, leisure time and self-care are always the firth things to the chopping block.

This strategy only works in the short term, where we save a few hours here and there. But in the long term, we are living in ‘sleep deficit’, always tired, and always playing catch up.

So what is the answer ?

When we invest in our own wellbeing, we have more energy, vitality, and more problem solving ability. We are more productive within our working hours – so then our working hours don’t have to encroach on our free time.

We actually gain some free time back!

If you could get onboard with this way of living, then join me! I’m here to share my tips, based on my many years of research in this field.

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World Sleep Day - London, 2018


I am very proud to present the World Sleep Day documentary that has been officially recognised by the World Sleep Society as an official World Sleep Day activity.