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I love to talk about sleep and other areas of wellness.

I want to share my views on how our 24 hours can be prioritised better to live life to the fullest. I am a sleep advocate, wellness mentor, and author, with a focus on living life to the fullest.

Having lived through the dreaded Big City Burnout myself, I have a personal understanding of the pressures my clients are under. With my background in business strategy and private health care, alternative therapies, tree fields that are usually poles apart, I brings together the best elements from each side to mentor my clients to be their best selves. From personal boundaries to productivity, there are so many benefits to my strategic approach to living well.

As an experienced speaker, I know how to get an audience involved and engaged with a topic. I have a quiet confidence that connects with the audience in an authentic way, always leaving them with a memorable ‘take home’ from each talk.

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Attending Beatrix's seminar over lunch was a great investment of my time, as it was a great way in which to reacquaint myself with the approaches I need to take in order to enjoy healthy sleep. 

I enjoyed the honesty of Beatrix's testimony and it was great to hear from a practitioner who has struggled with the same kinds of issues associated with sleep, who showed real empathy to the kinds of issues people were experiencing. 

The seminar acted as a great 'reset' for me, and since then I have been enjoying real improvements in my sleep - mainly due to the reintroduction of a proper bedtime routine. 

Sufina A - Manager


Beatrix was one of our expert speakers with our Live Long Well Summit that we organized in October 2017.

From the first conversation, you could tell how knowledgeable she is about sleep and her passion for helping others overcome sleep issues. It was easy to arrange and liaise with her which always helps when organizing such complex events.

During the interview for the summit, she pointed out so many things that are often overlooked when it comes to improving sleep. We had over 2,000 people watch this interview and the feedback was 100% positive.

She is very easy to talk to and she presents her topic in a practical and simple way which helped the attendees to start improving their sleep right away. She has a warm and genuine style that comes from real life experience that we can relate to.

Julia Lundstrom - CEO of Simple Smart Science


Many thanks, great fun and good to hear what Beatrix had to say.

Put several of these tips into practise on the same night and had an excellent nights sleep!

Alex – Attendee at a workshop organised by Interesting Talks London


Beatrix took part in a health and wellbeing season organised for the team here at Guy's and St Thomas' Charity.

We knew that sleep was something people were interested in and some were struggling with. Her talk was interesting and focused on adjusting your routine to support better sleep.

Beatrix has a lovely relaxed presenting style and is clearly passionate about her work. The session covered a lot of ground and she also signposted to some further materials for people to refer to.

Catherine Cullen - Director of Communications


Beatrix and I trained together as speakers back in 2014 at Pony Express Speakers Club. From the moment I first heard Beatrix speak, I was struck by how genuine she is and how easily her warm style and personality connects with her audience.

I love Beatrix’s quiet confidence – never pushy or judgemental, and always knowledgeable and compassionate. I learnt a huge amount about sleep and how to sleep better from listening to Beatrix’s talks, she is very insightful and her practical advice is easy to understand, effective and manageable. If they need help with sleep, Beatrix’s book is my first port of call for my coaching clients.

One client in particular comes to mind who was struggling with her sleep patterns after having two children and was still in a stressful banking career. She worked through the book and took on board Beatrix’s suggestions and saw big improvements in her sleep, mood and energy.

I would not hesitate to recommend Beatrix as a coach and speaker on sleep.

Harriet Waley-Cohen – Health and Wellbeing Coach