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In the UK alone over 22 million people struggle with insomnia and other sleep problems.

But insomnia and sleep problems don't have to rule the life of your employees and destroy their productivity at work!

There are so many different ways you can support your employees to overcome these problems which in return help you tackle sickness, lack of productivity, mental health issues to name only a few things.

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Dealing with sleep deprivation and insomnia in the workplace

I am very proud to present a Keynote Speech to HR Professionals at the first ever Somnex - The Sleep Show in London on 12th October 2018. Amongst other things, I shared my views on what I believe makes an effective wellbeing strategy to address insomnia and sleep deprivation related problems at work.

This video is a collection of the the highlights from the entire keynote speech to help you identify what you and your organisation is able to do to support your employees who might be struggling with sleep issues.



Attending Beatrix's seminar over lunch was a great investment of my time, as it was a great way in which to reacquaint myself with the approaches I need to take in order to enjoy healthy sleep.

I enjoyed the honesty of Beatrix's testimony and it was great to hear from a practitioner who has struggled with the same kinds of issues associated with sleep, who showed real empathy to the kinds of issues people were experiencing. 

The seminar acted as a great 'reset' for me, and since then I have been enjoying real improvements in my sleep - mainly due to the reintroduction of a proper bedtime routine. 

Sufina A - Manager

I recently worked with Beatrix on a project that had a short lead time for planning, but very high expectations for delivery.

It was the first time we had worked together and Beatrix did everything she could to make the process smooth and successful. The workshop she delivered was educational, relatable and fun.

I would definitely recommend her and look forward to working together in the future.

Layla Sargent - Supa Life as seen on LinedIn.com

Beatrix took part in a health and wellbeing season organised for the team here at Guy's and St Thomas' Charity. We knew that sleep was something people were interested in and some were struggling with.

Her talk was interesting and focused on adjusting your routine to support better sleep. Beatrix has a lovely relaxed presenting style and is clearly passionate about her work.

The session covered a lot of ground and she also signposted to some further materials for people to refer to.

Catherine Cullen - Director of Communications as seen on LinkedIn.com

Beatrix was one of our expert speakers with our Live Long Well Summit that we organized in October 2017.

From the first conversation, you could tell how knowledgable she is about sleep and her passion for helping others overcome sleep issues. It was easy to arrange and liaise with her which always helps when organising such complex events.

During the interview for the summit, she pointed out so many things that are often overlooked when it comes to improving sleep.

We had over 2,000 people watch this interview and the feedback was 100% positive. She is very easy to talk to and she presents her topic in a practical and simple way which helped the attendees to start improving their sleep right away.

She has a warm and genuine style that comes from real life experience that we can relate to.

Julia Lundstrom – CEO as seen on LinkedIn.com

Beatrix kindly ran some sleep workshops at an event that we co-run with The Priory recently about workplace wellbeing.

We wanted to give our HR Director attendees a taster of the workshops we offer as part of their wellbeing plan. The sleep workshop was a great insight into what can be offered in workplaces as part of their programmes.

The participants had lots of questions that were dealt with very well by Beatrix who really is a sleep expert!

Debbie Kleiner-Gaines - PESHealth as seen on LinkedIn.com

Beatrix has been presenting at the Barbican Library for a couple of years now. Her talks are popular because they answer a most pertinent question for many City workers: how can I maintain a virtuous circle between a fulfilling life and restorative rest.

Beatrix brings her own experience to bear in explaining how it is possible to switch off and experience restful sleep which makes possible a full and active lifestyle and better work productivity. 

Geraldine Pote - Principal Librarian as seen on LinkedIn.com